As a trial lawyer, I have tried numerous cases to juries and judges in Georgia and have co-counseled on an assortment of cases throughout the Country. The commonality of the cases that the firm chooses to handle are based on a search for justice for those injured, maimed, or killed as a result of corporate or individual carelessness. These cases include tractor trailer wrecks, dangerous conditions (such as slip and falls), automobile wrecks, medical malpractice, airplane crashes, and product defects.

Most of theese cases have been referred to me by other attorneys or prior clients. I take pride in the fact that other attorneys trust me with handling their clients’ cases through the litigation process. Just as fulfilling and humbling is that my previous clients were satisfied enough to recommend me.

I only represent individuals. I have never represented an insurance company. I have secured over 63 million dollars on behalf of my clients by limiting the cases that I personally handle. I would relish the opportunity to talk to you during a free consultation to see whether we can enter into a mutually beneficial relationship in our search for justice.

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Timothy J. Santelli